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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colours for Your Home

When selecting paint colours, it’s important to choose the right ones. It’s better to know what you want & make a sound decision than to make a colour mistake. Repainting a newly painted wall, just because you realise once it’s done that it’s not really what you wanted, is a waste of time & money. So, before you embark on a painting spree, being very clear about what you want, as far as colours go, is crucial.

Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right paint colour for your home.

1. Find Inspiration

When looking at paint colours, start with an inspiration. Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration. Instead of just looking at paint colours, look at paint colours in actual home settings, to get a better feel of how a particular colour will work in a space. What’s more, you can Look at Individual Spaces & how a colour works in them. For instance, if you’re looking to paint your master bedroom, look on Pinterest for master bedroom colour inspiration. Doing this will help you make a quicker decision, by eliminating colours that won’t work for your space & choosing ones that will.

Choosing Right Painters for Home

2. Choose Your Furniture First

Most people tend to choose their paint colours first & then pick furniture. But have you ever thought of doing the reverse – choosing your furniture first & then choosing paint colours that will go with them? By doing this, you won’t have to restrict yourself from buying that bright green chair, just because it will clash with the blue walls. When you’ve got all the furniture picked out, you can then develop a colour palette for the paint colours – one that will work well with all your furniture.

3. Use Testers

There might be a slight difference between how a paint colour looks in the can or sample paper & how it looks on the wall. And that slight difference could make or break a colour. So, the smart thing to do would be to use testers to make sure the colour is exactly what you want. Be sure to check the colour at different times of the day to see how it works with various levels of natural light.

4. Pick the Right Finish

Sometimes, the problem is not so much the colour itself as it is the finish. When it comes to the sheen, there are different levels to choose from, starting with a matte finish to semi-gloss to a high-gloss finish.

5. Have A Colour Theme

It’s a good idea to have a colour theme that flows throughout the house. This does not mean that you should pick one colour & use it everywhere. The idea is to use colours that work in harmony, creating a cohesive look.
Use these tips to help you choose the Right Colours for your Home & to avoid paint colour mistakes.

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