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Commercial, Industrial & Residential Painter in Parramatta

We are Commercial, Industrial & Residential Painting specialist GT Painters, we take every paint job we do, seriously. We understand how even one botched job can ruin our reputation.
So, we take no chances at all with client briefs. Making sure we understand the brief before we execute on it.

What GT Painters Parramatta stands for – quality you can trust

Established in 1995, GT Painters is in no danger at all of hitting one thing- a wall! As passionate about Painting as we were when we first started our business in 1995, we bring expertise in design and colour to your business few will say they can match.

Our clients hire us because we are:

  • Professional;
  • We listen well
  • We deliver what we say we will
  • We are detailed and thorough with our quotes
  • We welcome jobs that challenge our expertise because these jobs improve it
  • We lay great emphasis on customer service and satisfaction
  • We leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering a job our customers are proud off

Quality that is exceptional, prices that are reasonable

At GT painters, we want our clients to be as happy with our paint job as we are with it. If you are looking to give your walls a ‘coat of many colours’ we sincerely request you to get in touch with us!

We have all the paint, skills and experience you need to give your storefront and store interior the fresh new look it deserves.

We impact walls not business

One of the things Commercial Painters in Sydney struggle with is getting their jobs done without disrupting a commercial establishment’s trade.

Flexible, we scrape and sand walls and paint them at night – when others won’t.

We choose timings that disrupt our schedule, not yours! At all times, we ensure we don’t disrupt the wheels of your business or stop them from turning.

Painters in Parramatta

We are Commercial, Industrial & Residential Painter to whom excellence matters

We are professional Commercial, Industrial & Residential Painters, there are many things we can’t afford to do. Complain, is one of them because for us excellence matters.

We get that at GT Painters. In fact, we’ve gotten it for more than 25 years we’ve been in business painting the town red, blue, green, yellow and all the colours and shades in between.

Parramatta is a key shopping precinct now. But with hundreds of stores, how we make us stand out?

1. We Choose Colours That Are Bright and alive!

People want to feel good when they shop. A welcoming interior with primary colours that are welcoming and warm always works!

GT painters have painted many shops in Parramatta. Westfield has also been its client. Because we understand painting- also design – we can help your shop come alive colour in ways it never has before!

2. We Don’t Compromise On The Undercoat

A lot of painters will do a paint job in a hurry. But when you do things in a hurry, you take shortcuts. Not something, we like to do with our commercial clients whose business we regard as our own.

Undercoats are important because they identify blemishes on your wall and cover them with putty and fillers that make them as smooth as your brand!

3. We Take Deadlines Seriously

The last thing you want when you’re opening a new store is for the paint job to be late. Sure, Painters are last in line and have to wait until flooring and electrical wiring are completed before they can begin their own job,

But we’ve worked with other trade contractors for so long, we’ve developed unique ways to support each other. We listen to deadlines, and working with your other trade crew – ensure we never miss them!

4. We Understand Our Customers

Good Commercial Painters – whether based in Parramatta or any other suburb in Sydney are well aware that they have two customers.

The first customer is the shop owner. The second customer is the store’s visitors. Painting designs have to work for both of them.

We get that at GT Painters and are equally comfortable working with your designers or with you directly.

We are always happy to present mockups of how a paint job will look before we receive the go-ahead to paint from you.

5. We Combine Fantasy With Practicality

It’s nice to give a creative look to a retail outlet, restaurant or store. But a good commercial & Industrial Painters will also look at the practical side of painting your store’s interior.

For example, if we are painting a restaurant kitchen, we will use paints that are fire-resistant. For obvious reasons- the gas ovens and flames that are present in the kitchen area.

We may use different paints for the seating area. Paints that are smooth or that have texture embedded within them.

At all times, our goal is to understand our clients’ objectives and deliver on them.

Looking for commercial, industrial & residential painters in Parramatta. Gt Painters provides residential, commercial & industrial painting services in Parramatta. Painting contractors in Parramatta.

If you need your store painted again, do drop us a line

Professional to the core, we’d be more than happy to understand your brief and execute on it making your store an even bigger success than it presently is! To arrange an appointment please call our hotline at 0401 606 826


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I want to thank you and your team at GT Painters for the excellent work you did painting the interior of our heritage home in Haberfield. Your professionalism, experience and expertise was very helpful throughout the process. The quality workmanship and attention to detail exceeded our expectations.  Our home now looks beautiful with its heritage features  showcased through the quality work you delivered.  I will highly recommend GT Painters to anyone who wants professional and quality painters. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your team.

Mary Iacovella