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Top 3 Things You Must Do Before Painting The Exterior of Your Property

Painting the exterior of a property, whether it be a home or commercial place, can be tedious and time-consuming. From choosing the right paint to preparing your property, there are many steps that need to be taken to get the job done correctly. That said, painting can increase your home’s appeal and value, making it a beneficial task to undertake. Fortunately, you can make the process much easier by getting help from a Residential Painter and preparing your property with these three steps.

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Cleaning and Repairs

Before doing any painting, you must first prepare your exterior by cleaning it and doing any pertinent repairs. You never know how much dirt, debris, or grime may accumulate outside your property, and the last thing you want is to waste paint on an unclean surface. If you are replacing paint from before, it will be helpful to inspect for areas that may have been damaged from wear and tear or insects. Having a Sydney Painter to help you with this may be useful to ensure your surface is ready for painting. 

Sanding and Filling

The majority of the painting job is often attributed to surface preparation, with sanding and filling taking up much of the bulk. Whether your surface is in relatively good condition or needs more fixing, it is important to sand these areas to ensure a smooth surface upon painting. If your wall has cracks and holes, you will first need to fill in the gaps with a filler before sanding.


Finally, before you can officially proceed to the actual painting, it will be best to prime your surface to prevent making the paint look patchy or unpleasant. This step can be relatively time-consuming, so hiring a Residential Painter can help lift some of the work off your shoulders. That said, priming is particularly important if you plan to change your paint color or go from a very dark to light color. This way, your paint can better adhere to the surface and prevent stains from showing through.

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No matter what type of paint job you need to get done, the task can be demanding at times. As such, hiring professional residential or commercial painters will be extremely helpful in ensuring your paint comes out beautifully. If you ever need help with your paint jobs, you can call GT Painters Sydney at 0401 606 826 to help you.


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