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Top Tips for Choosing The Right Colours for Your Residential Painting Project

Colours have the power to make or break a space. While you can hire experienced Residential Painters in Sydney to ensure the finish of your painting job is impeccable, when it comes to choosing the colours, that’s entirely up to you. Since getting a room painted over and over again until you get the colour right is not exactly a viable option, choosing the right paint colours the first time itself is very important.

Tips To Choose The Right Paint Colours For Your Home

Here are a few tips from GT Painters Sydney that you should take into consideration when deciding on a colour for the rooms in your home.

1) Consider the size of the room

If the room you wish to get Painted is particularly small, then having it painted with a bright colour will make it emphasize it’s small size and can make it feel claustrophobic. At GT Painters Sydney, we’ve completed thousands of Residential Painting projects in Sydney over the years and in our experience, lighter shades are the best choice for small rooms. This is because lighter colours can open up space, making it feel bigger.

2) How much natural light does the room get?

If the room will have a lot of natural light coming in, you can go ahead and try out a bolder colour. However, if the room does not have any natural light streaming in, then you might want to choose colours that will have a brightening effect. White paint can actually be too stark and make the space look bland and dull. So something subtle but with some colour, like a nice soft blue or yellow would work really well.

3) What is the room’s purpose?

When considering a paint colour, factor in what the room you are about to paint will be used for. Sometimes, a colour might look great in a room but does not necessarily match/work well with the purpose of the room. For example, having bright yellow walls in the living room may not be the best idea, while it would look really good in the kitchen.

4) Don’t fall victim to colour trends

Sure, it’s great to choose a colour that’s ‘in’ right now. But what you need to ask yourself is whether the colour will work long term. If you blindly follow colour trends, you risk having your room look dated within a year or two. Instead, think about what colour would look good in the room for the next five years.

5) Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you are not very good at choosing colours, or are not able to narrow down your options, feel free to ask your friends and family to weigh in with their opinions. It can’t hurt to get their perspective as well, after all, you’ll be the final decision maker anyway. You can also purchase testers and try them out before committing to a colour. Sometimes, a colour might look good when it’s applied to a small area, but end up looking too strong or wrong when the whole room is painted with it. So, try out a tester and check out how the Paint Colour looks in natural sunlight and in the evenings under LED lighting. If you’re happy with the way the colour performs under both natural and artificial lighting, then you have a winner.

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