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Tips on using colours to enhance spaciousness

A small or cramped space can be made to look more spacious and bigger with the use of certain colours. A small space, especially one lacking natural light, can be very uncomfortable, giving you a claustrophobic feeling. You can make the space look and feel more spacious and airy by manipulating colours to your advantage.

Use Lighter Colours

It is a well-known fact that lighter colours help make a small space look bigger. Sure, it’s an optical illusion, but it works. Lighter Colours reflect light better, making space seem brighter and more spacious. Also, darker colours tend to draw the eyes to the edges, emphasising the borders, while lighter colours offer a more fluid look, giving the space more height and depth.

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Choose Cool Colours

The colour wheel is made up of warm colours (such as red, yellow, and orange) and cool colours (such as purple, green and blue). Cool colours help open up a space while warm colours are great for making a space seem warm and cosy.

Paint the Ceiling

Sometimes, a low ceiling is the problem, making the space seem cramped and tight. A great way to fix this issue is to Colour the Ceiling a lighter colour than the walls. So, if the space has been painted light blue or grey, a white ceiling will help give it an illusion of more height.

Stick to One Colour

If your house or apartment is small, one trick to make the rooms look bigger is to paint them all in the same colour. When the adjacent rooms are all painted the same colour, it helps to open up the space, making the rooms seem much bigger than they really are.
Apart from paint colours, you can also make a big difference with the furniture and art décor that you choose. Avoid cluttering the space with too many knick-knacks, stick to a minimalist style that just lets the space be, without overwhelming it. There are also a lot of clever space-saving furniture, designed specifically for small spaces


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