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Reasons Why Paint Peels From Shower Ceilings

An exhilarating tide of hot water is the only thing that should be falling in your shower ideally. However, sometimes a shower ceiling starts to peel and shed flakes of paint on the floor. Several different factors may be responsible for the problem if your shower ceiling peels repeatedly. You can restore your shower ceiling to a smooth, water-repelling surface with a little care.


Paint starts to peel when paint interacts with a change in moisture and temperature. When you take a warm shower, it generates both drops of water and vapour which, after the temperature in the bathroom cools, creates a film of moisture on walls and other surfaces. Check the capacity of your existing exhaust fan to prevent excess moisture on paint so it does not result in peeling. To increase the removal of moist air from the room, you need to run a fan for a longer interval both before and after a shower.

Paint Choice

Any cracks in ageing oil paint can make it sensitive to peeling. Latex or alkyd paints are introduced with improvements in paint technology to address peeling problems with breathability. Pores in the paint layer permit quick dispersion of moisture and the elasticity in paint resists cracking. Avoid using oil-based paint as it can cause repeated peeling. If you are applying latex paint over oil-based paint, it would not help with peeling because an oil surface cannot provide adequate adhesion for water-based coatings. Thoroughly remove the old oil-based paint on the shower ceiling to decrease possible peeling of a new latex paint job. For more read our article How to choose the paint colours for your Home

Reasons Why Paint Peels From Shower Ceilings

Surface Preparation

Oil, grease, mould, mildew or other soil that lies under the paint can also result in paint peeling. Wash the surface you intend to paint with a degreaser and a mildewcide to maximise the adhesion of a new paint to the shower ceiling.

Patching and Priming

Apply drywall or other patching compounds once peeling patches have been thoroughly scraped. Allow it to dry completely before smoothing out the edges with a sandpaper. Any cracks in the previous paint coat will be covered that would let in moisture. Then apply a coat of primer to create a smooth surface for your top paint coat.

Outside Leak Sources

A water leak from an outside bathroom source can cause peeling as well. Find any leaks before you scrape away peeling paint to get the new paint job done.


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