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Professional Commercial, Industrial & Residential Painters in Tamarama are Just a Phone Call away

GT Painters Sets a New Standard for Quality Painting in Tamarama

If you live in the Tamarama area and are looking for reliable Expert Painters who can provide a stunning finish at affordable rates, there is no better choice than Gold Touch Painters Tamarama. Our Experienced Sydney Painting Professionals can achieve any request with ease, whether it is for Residential, Commercial, Industrial or even Heritage Projects. We are Tamarama’s most reliable Professional Painting Service and will go above and beyond to fulfil any job you require.

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Why Tamarama Residents Choose Gold Touch Painters Sydney

With a passionate dedication to achieving 100% customer satisfaction, there is no wonder why Tamarama residents choose Gold Touch Painters Sydney, many of whom come to us through recommendation or word of mouth. With a combination of experienced and dependable Sydney Painters & the best paints and products, our service is unrivaled.

We offer a wide range of fantastic benefits and services including:

  • Residential Painting Tamarama
  • Commercial Painting Tamarama
  • Industrial Painting Tamarama
  • Heritage Painting
  • Shop Painting
  • School Painting
  • Roof Painting
  • Painting Professionals with Over 20 Years of Experience
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Exceptional Customer Service & Communication
  • Trusted Painters
  • Fully Certified & Licensed Painters
  • Thorough Preparation
  • Aesthetical Pleasing Finishes

Professional Painters in Tamarama

Residential Painting

Whether it be the interior or exterior of your home, the importance of professional Residential Painters cannot be understated. A home is beyond its furniture and contents – but also its style – and a breathtaking finish requires more than just a bucket of paint. Gold Touch Painters Sydney knows how to provide the perfect residential painting service that suits you and your family.

With a vast knowledge of styles, color palettes, and techniques, our friendly painters will consult and discuss with you the end result so that you are over the moon upon its completion. Whether you’d prefer warmer color schemes or a modern aesthetic, you have an endless range of options to choose from which our experts can help you decide from. Our service will not only enhance the quality of your property but also raise its market value.

We provide a range of prep work to ensure a masterful finish including:

  • Sanding
  • Skimming
  • Repair Work
  • Cleaning
  • Base Coatings
  • Painting
  • Stucco Finishes
  • Decorative Finishes
  • Hand Painted Designs
  • Special Finishes

Make your house a home you’re proud to live in with Gold Touch Painters Tamarama.

Commercial Painting

The look and feel of your business are vital in attracting and impressing customers and clients. This is why using a well-regarded Commercial Painting Sydney Service like Gold Touch Painters Tamarama is your best choice for your business. With a focus on quality work, we will work with you to find the best décor, colour schemes and effects to give your business quality look that it deserves. Our service is highly customizable and we don’t simply come in and apply paint brushes to the wall – we consult with our customers to meet their vision and serve their business as best as possible.

Our Tamarama Commercial Painters are:

  • Licensed Painters
  • Professional
  • Fully Insured
  • Experienced
  • Industrial Painting

Perhaps more than other types of projects, an industrial establishment requires the use of Professional Painters to achieve an adequate finish, and Gold Toucher Painters Sydney is peerless in our Industrial Painting Service. We use the highest-grade paints, chemicals, and products that are both aesthetically pleasing, safe and suitable for all sorts of conditions that an industrial establishment may be subject to. We’ve worked with all types of clients including companies, builders, property developers and many more to achieve prime results for their project. Our extensively trained and experienced painters understand the service required and can achieve any Industrial Painting Project with confidence, ease, and integrity.

Our Industrial Painters offer customers and clients:

  • Internal & External Painting
  • Affordable Service
  • Certified and Licensed Industrial Painters
  • Highest Grade Paints, Finishes and Products
  • High Quality Painting & Décor Solutions

About Us

Whatever type of Professional Painting Service you require in Tamarama or Sydney Wide, you can count on Gold Touch Painters Sydney to not only meet those requirements but go above and beyond for them. Our handpicked professionals are chosen for their reliability, experience and their dedication to satisfying our customers every time. We are passionate about our job and consider the needs and wants of every customer we work for. With 20 years of industry experience, we understand what it means to be a genuine Professional Painting Service like no other and have steadily become the leaders in our field ever since.

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For our new home, we checked a few options and zeroed in on GT Painter Sydney. They were quick to assess our need and gave us a pretty reasonable quote. Must say I am quite pleased with the transparent way they went about it and the quality of their work.

Eric Byron