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Paint Schemes for Commercial Buildings

Choosing colour schemes for a commercial building is different from picking up colours for home. This is mainly because the requirements are different for both. A bold colour may look good in a bedroom but it would not work on a larger structure in a business district.

Choosing the perfect colour scheme for your Commercial building.

1. The Size of the Commercial Building:

Most commercial buildings are bigger in size which calls for the neutral colour palette to blend in with the structure’s surroundings. Neutral colours can complement both the business logo and any exterior signage. However, you can always choose bold colours for accents just for a little pop of colour.

2. The Architecture and Exterior Material of the Building:

It is important to keep in mind the type of your building and the materials used for the exterior before you pick the right neutral colour for the job to serve your business well. However, the material consideration is just to invest in the right paint type for the material so that it adheres to the surface for long.

Paint Schemes for Commercial Buildings


3. The Building’s Surroundings Matter:

The lot on which the building stands, the landscape, driveways, walkways around the building all play a very important role in deciding a perfect colour for the exterior. You may not want to go for a dark colour if the building sits on a smaller lot. A light colour may give the illusion of a bigger size than actual.

4. The Type of Customers You Want to Attract:

The colour you choose for the exterior of your commercial project will be the first thing that the customers might notice about your brand. For instance, if you are opening up an ice-cream parlour, painting the exterior dull and boring will not attract many buyers. Similarly, a corporate building with orange exterior paint will not let the clients put trust in the brand. Unless it’s a tech startup, in which case the bolder, the better!


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