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How To Prep Interior When Having It Painted

Are you about to re-paint your interior rooms? While Residential Painters like GT Painters Sydney can take into consideration all the nitty-gritty details that go into painting residences, there are some things you can do to make the project finish quicker and smoother.

Temporarily Relocate Furniture

All of the furniture like cabinets, couches, and tables can get in the way and have paint splatters dropped on them. If you remove the furniture from the room you are about to repaint, it will help protect them.

Wall Hangings Need To Come Off

This one might seem like the most obvious point. But a lot of people forget to remove stuff from their walls. These can include wall clocks, paintings, and other wall decorations. For other things in the way that are not removable, like power outlets, use plastic or old newspapers.

Cleaning Beforehand

If you want optimal results, you might want to consider cleaning your walls once. Especially if your walls have visible stains or other smudges, try to wash them off before the paint job starts. This should not be left at the last second. If you plan on washing your walls, you need to allow sometime to let them dry too.

How To Prep Interior before painting

Material Prep

Designate a fixed point for the painters to place their material. This way they will not need to move from room to room relocating their paint gear. This will make it easier for you as well after the job is over with.

Decide On The Colors Beforehand

You can add brightness to the interior with your re-paint job. Experienced residential painters like GT Painters Sydney know how to add value to your home with a new coat of paint. They have a know-how of the colour palette and will know how the paint might end up looking different from the swatch. In cases like these, the guidance of qualified painters helps.

Leave The Heavy Work To The Painters

Because of so many DIY projects on T.V and online, you might be considering starting off on your own. But a poor quality paint job cannot be undone, especially if it is a re-paint job. This can be especially harmful if you plan on selling your house later on.

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