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How to Make Your House Paint Last Longer?

Australia is typically designed to last at least two years. But there are a lot of things home owners can do to prolong the life of their exterior paint. The conditions during which the paint was applied are some of the reasons why paint fails or deteriorates quickly on a home.

You may start to notice your new investment peeling off quickly if bad weather strikes or the wrong in-home climate is present during application. GT Painters have gathered a few tips on how to make your house paint last longer.

1. Power Wash Siding Before Painting

Painting Contractors in Sydney will help you for this one if you have to side because dirty or unfinished siding is not good for fresh paint. Uneven and jagged surfaces do not hold paint nearly as good as clean, fresh wood. So it is a great idea to use sandpaper to power wash the siding and exterior of your home to ensure paint goes on smoothly and stays there for a longer period of time.

2. Schedule Painting on a Sunny Day

Work with your local painters to schedule all painting projects on a nice, sunny day. Why? Because you may need to postpone your House Painting Job until wood and exterior features have had the chance to dry if a storm came through. Wet wood and fresh paint do not mix, and neither does the cold. The temperature has to be at least 40 degrees when oil-based paints are applied whereas at least 50 degrees temperature is required for latex paints.

Make Your House Paint Last Longer

3. Avoid In-Home Humidity

Do what you can to keep the humidity inside your house low if you know you will be painting your home soon. In-home moisture can still find ways to work itself out to the exterior of your home even if your insulation is great. It is only a matter of time before the paint starts to peel when water accumulates behind the siding.

The last important thing to know while getting your house painted is to never apply paint in strong and direct sunlight or high wind. This can make the water or petroleum solvents to evaporate out of the paint too fast. This can cause two things
1. Reduce the paint’s ability to flow out smoothly
2. The bond the paint molecules make with each other and with the substrate can also get weaken.

Although there are several precautions and ways to help your paint last longer, the above listed are just three of the easiest ways to enhance the longevity of your house paint.


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