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How Often Should You Paint Your Home?

Some factors will help you determine how often you should Paint Your Home. If you have moved into a new house and the colours aren’t to your taste, then you are likely to opt for painting straight away. If your walls are starting to look outdated, you might decide to freshen them up. At Gold Touch Painters we use durable paints so that you can wait longer until the next application. Here’s how to decide how often you should paint your home in Sydney.

Paint Your Home Regularly to tackle Wear and Tear

Usually, hallways and corridors are the first areas that will require painting. This is due to the high level of wear and tear. You may find they are covered with dents, fingerprints along with other marks. Touch ups can prolong the time between paint applications. However, customers tend to have their hallways painted every 2 or 3 years. Our Professional Painters can apply high-quality washable paint to ensure they are easier to maintain.

When it comes to bedrooms, it depends on whose it is. Grown ups usually use bedrooms for sleeping in and changing. As a result, they don’t require regular painting unless you are changing your décor. Children’s bedrooms on the other hand often double up as a playroom. Therefore a lot of time is spent there and usually need painting more frequently. When you Paint Your Home, we can advise which products are easy to wash so that the paint job lasts longer. Another option is chalkboard paint to allow your children to express their creativity and it can be easily wiped off when necessary.

How Often Should you Paint for Your Home?

Some Rooms Require Less Frequent Painting

Your lounge and dining area tend to require painting less often than the rest of your house. Even though these are high traffic areas, usually the walls aren’t touched. This is due to the nature of the activities in these rooms. You might eat your meals, watch TV or read a book in here. Furniture also protects the walls as it provides a barrier which stops people touching the paintwork. Customers usually require this area to be painted every 5 to 7 years.

Laundries, bathrooms and kitchens see a lot of activity and require a durable paint to stay looking great. When you are cooking, it’s very easy to end up with splatters on the wall. The challenges with bathrooms and laundries include moisture and humidity. Water based paints are ideal for counteracting this problem. You will find that you have to get the painters in every 3 to 4 years for these rooms. Ensure good ventilation to keep your paint job looking great for longer.

How often you should Paint Your Home isn’t the same for every room. Some areas such as Children’s Bedrooms, Kitchen, laundries and hallways will require regular paint jobs. Adult bedrooms, lounge and dining rooms don’t need as much attention. Gold Touch Painters use quality products and can advise which paint will suit your space. Use our professional painters to Paint Your Home in Sydney.


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I want to thank you and your team at GT Painters for the excellent work you did painting the interior of our heritage home in Haberfield. Your professionalism, experience and expertise was very helpful throughout the process. The quality workmanship and attention to detail exceeded our expectations.  Our home now looks beautiful with its heritage features  showcased through the quality work you delivered.  I will highly recommend GT Painters to anyone who wants professional and quality painters. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your team.

Mary Iacovella