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Meet an Industrial Painter who ticks all the boxes

Painting a commercial building is no small task. And the Industrial Painters you select to do the job must tick all the boxes. They must be reliable. Knowledgeable. Experienced. Plus understand the importance of deadlines and meet them.

One Industrial Painter Sydney Based that ticks all the boxes is GT Painters. GT Painters has completed over 500 Commercial Paint Projects.

What these have given us is a deep insight into our client’s expectations allowing us to better meet them.

Your deadlines matter to us

On top of the list of client expectations, as we understand them, is “Deadlines”. Project Managers live and die by them. And we understand that at GT Painters Sydney.

We understand the pressures you are under to deliver the job on time. And so we ensure we never disappoint them in this regard.

Industrial Painting Sydney

Painting Commercial Buildings is no straightforward task

Clients often want us to paint the interior and exterior of their building premises.

With building exteriors, we look at a number of factors – chief among them- weather-proofing.

Depending on where your office is located, we may use different types of paints, choosing the option that best protects your office from the elements.

We might also consider the use of new types of paints such as Dulux Aquanamel which does not turn yellow over time the way ordinary paints do.

When it comes to painting interiors, we ask questions – lots of them

As Professional Commercial and Residential Painters in Sydney, we understand how important it is to understand the Vision of Architects and Building Designers so we can make it come to life with paint.

You can’t make this happen unless you ask questions – lots of them.

So, that’s what we do, at GT Painters. We sit down with our clients, understand their Vision for a Project – only then deciding what undercoats, paints and varnishes the walls should wear.

We take the environment seriously

As master Industrial Painters based in Sydney, we take the time to keep ourselves up-to-date on Building Material and Environmental Science.

We see the link that exists between staff performance and industrial environment. We choose chemical-free paints that are non-toxic in nature for interiors and colours that harmonise environments and the people within them.

Performance is what its about in all industries including Industrial Painting

What enhances performance is colour since many types of research done by psychologists suggest that colour is what the brain is influenced by.

The colours we choose for a structured business like a Furniture Warehouse would be quite different from the palette we adopt for less structured businesses like creative marketing or ad agencies.

In the case of the warehouse example, we’d choose more rugged paints that show dirt less easily and that are darker in texture and colour – with heavy undercoats so we can paint once without having to repaint the wall surfaces every single year.

In the case of a creative marketing agency, we’d choose a much lighter palette of colours – colours that celebrate Creativity – putting a Spring in its step.

Whether you have an Industrial or Residential Paint Project, we’d love to have a look at it

It doesn’t cost you to call us in to discuss your project – so if that’s what you’d like to do – please feel free to give us a call on 1300 813 001  / 0401 606 826 if you’d like an immediate response.

Alternately, email us  – we work 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm.


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I want to thank you and your team at GT Painters for the excellent work you did painting the interior of our heritage home in Haberfield. Your professionalism, experience and expertise was very helpful throughout the process. The quality workmanship and attention to detail exceeded our expectations.  Our home now looks beautiful with its heritage features  showcased through the quality work you delivered.  I will highly recommend GT Painters to anyone who wants professional and quality painters. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your team.

Mary Iacovella