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Colour Tips and Tricks to Give Your Home A Timeless look

When you paint your home, the expectation is that you won’t have to paint it again for another five years minimum. But what if just a year later, you find yourself sick of the colours that you chose and feel that they make your house look dated? Trends come and go, what’s hot this month may not work next month, so when it comes to painting colours, the smart thing to do is to give your home a classic, timeless look.

Not sure how to do that? Read on to find out simple ways in which you can achieve a timeless look for your home.

Think Cohesively When Picking Your Colour Palette

The “flow” of the colours plays a crucial role in making or breaking the look of the house. If you notice, most designer homes follow one cardinal rule: use of colours that work in harmony. So, as you walk from the living room to the bedroom, the colours should transition seamlessly, as opposed to an abrupt colour change.

Tips & Tricks for Home Look

Play with neutral shades (like greys) for the common spaces, such as the kitchen and the living room, and complement those colours with shades of the same intensity. So, pale peach or light green might work well with grey to create a more cohesive colour palette.

Think Long-term

Choosing the right Paint shade is not as simple as picking your favourite colour to Paint your Home. Sure, you love purple, but painting your living room purple may be a bit too much. You might love it for a week or two, but then the bold colour will start to get on your nerves and you’ll crave for something a little more tranquil – a colour that would help you unwind and relax after a hectic day. Maybe you should’ve gone with lilac instead? When picking paint colours, think long-term. Go for colours that are pleasing to your eyes and shades that you wouldn’t mind looking at on a daily basis.

Look for Inspiration

Go ahead and browse interior design magazines and look online for inspiration. Envisioning what colour would look like on a wall can be difficult. Having a reference picture to give you an idea will help. You can even develop a colour palette by finding images and putting them together to make a collage of sorts.

If you’re someone who loves bright, bold colours, then a great way to include that is to use it in your décor. Pick up a bright coloured-couch to offset the neutral walls, use bold flowers to give your otherwise conservatively coloured bedroom a dash of colour.

Finally, a timeless colour scheme also makes it easy for you to sell or rent out your place. That’s another factor to consider.

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