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How do you choose House Painters in Sydney?

Your most valuable asset, after your partner, is probably your house. So you don’t really want to take any chances when you get it painted. There are as many House Painters in Sydney as there are gloomy faces in the city due to the fall in property prices. What a good House Painter will do to a Home is brighten its face – putting a smile, above all, on it.

House Painter in Sydney – Give your home the ‘Happy’, ‘Sunny’ look

We can’t blame you if your answer is yes. You spend more time in your home, after all, than you do in any other place in the world. So, it’s only right – only fair – that you should treat yourself to an environment in which you feel safe, secure and sound; bright, alive and cheery every morning.

House Painters aren’t all created equal

Some House Painters are simply better than others are. That’s only because they take the time to listen to what their clients’ want and then use colour and paint to give it to them.

A freshly painted house should make you feel warm – also safe

Colour and texture play a role that’s remarkable in achieving these effects. Good House Painters know what they can do with their hands – use them to bring new hope, life and cheer into a room!

House painter in Sydney

What Good House Painters always have following them? A Good Reputation

When choosing a House Painter, there are many things you should look at. But mainly, their reputation.

A Residential or Industrial Painters’ reputation generally follows them around, the way, a sheepdog does. So, take all the time you need to read the House Painter’s website, the customer testimonials you find on it, their user experience ratings (if they have them on their Google or Facebook pages) – also the type of projects they’ve undertaken, the number of painters they have on contractor staff, their availability to do the paint job you have on hand and last of all their affordability and prices.

A good House Painter knows they are painting a dream, also the security that comes from having one

So, they will always take greater care to listen to the owners, to understand what effect they are trying to create within their homes. Realising that colour, the quality paint best expresses can lift mood better than Zoloft (the world’s most prescribed drug for depression) can.

Give your Home and the mood of the ones who live in it a lift by giving GT Painters Sydney a call

With over a thousand homes painted and hundreds of clients who’ll testify to the quality of the experience we’ve given them, we are the ones who will understand your dreams and adorn your walls with them.

To obtain a FREE, No-Obligation Residential Paint Quote with a DULUX-accredited House Painter, please call us on 1300 813 001 . To speak directly to the Business-owner, please call 0401 606 826
Otherwise, email your query to us using the form provided below.

Cost of a Complete Paint overhaul

Use our form to get in touch and we’ll give you the best price in all of sydney

For our new home, we checked a few options and zeroed in on GT Painter Sydney. They were quick to assess our need and gave us a pretty reasonable quote. Must say I am quite pleased with the transparent way they went about it and the quality of their work.

Eric Byron

GT Painter Sydney was surely a big help in getting our shop makeover done. The painting standards, we are happy to say, are of a high order and it was reassuring to see a professional touch come together in such an easy, friendly way. Glad to have signed them up.

Alexander Basil

Thanks, GT Painter Sydney, for making it easier than we thought to get our premises painted without impacting work or business. Liked their professional approach and attention to detail and deadline. And value for money too. Would prefer to use their services again.

Kim Lang

How To Prep Interior When Having It Painted

Are you about to re-paint your interior rooms? While Residential Painters like GT Painters Sydney can take into consideration all the nitty-gritty details that go into painting residences, there are some things you can do to make the project finish quicker and smoother.

Temporarily Relocate Furniture

All of the furniture like cabinets, couches, and tables can get in the way and have paint splatters dropped on them. If you remove the furniture from the room you are about to repaint, it will help protect them.

Wall Hangings Need To Come Off

This one might seem like the most obvious point. But a lot of people forget to remove stuff from their walls. These can include wall clocks, paintings, and other wall decorations. For other things in the way that are not removable, like power outlets, use plastic or old newspapers.

Cleaning Beforehand

If you want optimal results, you might want to consider cleaning your walls once. Especially if your walls have visible stains or other smudges, try to wash them off before the paint job starts. This should not be left at the last second. If you plan on washing your walls, you need to allow sometime to let them dry too.

How To Prep Interior before painting

Material Prep

Designate a fixed point for the painters to place their material. This way they will not need to move from room to room relocating their paint gear. This will make it easier for you as well after the job is over with.

Decide On The Colors Beforehand

You can add brightness to the interior with your re-paint job. Experienced residential painters like GT Painters Sydney know how to add value to your home with a new coat of paint. They have a know-how of the colour palette and will know how the paint might end up looking different from the swatch. In cases like these, the guidance of qualified painters helps.

Leave The Heavy Work To The Painters

Because of so many DIY projects on T.V and online, you might be considering starting off on your own. But a poor quality paint job cannot be undone, especially if it is a re-paint job. This can be especially harmful if you plan on selling your house later on.

For residents in Sydney looking for Residential Painters that know how to get the job done, contact GT Painters Sydney on 1300 813 001

Why Is It A Good Idea To Hire A Residential Painter To Paint Your Home

There are a lot of people who believe they can DIY a home painting project. They get motivated by articles, youtube videos and home improvement shows. However, shows on television make it look easier than the job actually is. It may be tempting for you to do it yourself, but in reality, it may not be such a good idea. To you, it makes sense to do it yourself. You can save money and give your house a brand new feel, right?

Those home improvement shows make it look like painting your house can be a fun weekend project. But let us tell you why you are better off hiring a Professional Residential Painter to do it for you.

Residential Painting in Sydney

Residential Painting – It Takes Much Longer Than It Seems

Even if you plan on just painting the outside of your house, it can take much longer than one weekend. One thing to consider is all the trips you will need to make to the hardware store for buying your supplies. Not to mention that they will end up costing you. Another thing to consider is the colour you are planning to pick. After you have done so, you may realise it does not look the same as the paint sample.

Paint can look different after it has dried. It even looks different outside once the light hits. Also, the paint that you choose may not be the right kind. It might not be long-lasting or may fade quickly in the weather. That is why it is important to have experienced professional residential painters like the ones at GT Painters Sydney, to take in such factors, before recommending you the right product and time for a paint job.

Mistakes Can End Up Costing You

If you have never done a DIY paint job on your house, or even if you have, accidents are bound to happen sooner or later. Some accidents, like the colour not turning out how you wanted, are minor accidents. But what if you fall off the ladder? Trips to the emergency room are not fun.
GT Painters Sydney specialises in residential painting. We are more than capable of handling your paint job for you and that too at extremely affordable rates.

Our equipment is high quality and after decades of an establishment, we have the know-how of skills and techniques that will ensure your paint job will turn out exactly the way you want it. Don’t waste time, money and resources and call us today on 1300 813 001 for a free quote.

Reasons Why Paint Peels From Shower Ceilings

An exhilarating tide of hot water is the only thing that should be falling in your shower ideally. However, sometimes a shower ceiling starts to peel and shed flakes of paint on the floor. Several different factors may be responsible for the problem if your shower ceiling peels repeatedly. You can restore your shower ceiling to a smooth, water-repelling surface with a little care.


Paint starts to peel when paint interacts with a change in moisture and temperature. When you take a warm shower, it generates both drops of water and vapour which, after the temperature in the bathroom cools, creates a film of moisture on walls and other surfaces. Check the capacity of your existing exhaust fan to prevent excess moisture on paint so it does not result in peeling. To increase the removal of moist air from the room, you need to run a fan for a longer interval both before and after a shower.

Paint Choice

Any cracks in ageing oil paint can make it sensitive to peeling. Latex or alkyd paints are introduced with improvements in paint technology to address peeling problems with breathability. Pores in the paint layer permit quick dispersion of moisture and the elasticity in paint resists cracking. Avoid using oil-based paint as it can cause repeated peeling. If you are applying latex paint over oil-based paint, it would not help with peeling because an oil surface cannot provide adequate adhesion for water-based coatings. Thoroughly remove the old oil-based paint on the shower ceiling to decrease possible peeling of a new latex paint job. For more read our article How to choose the paint colours for your HomeGt painter

Surface Preparation

Oil, grease, mould, mildew or other soil that lies under the paint can also result in paint peeling. Wash the surface you intend to paint with a degreaser and a mildewcide to maximise the adhesion of a new paint to the shower ceiling.

Patching and Priming

Apply drywall or other patching compounds once peeling patches have been thoroughly scraped. Allow it to dry completely before smoothing out the edges with a sandpaper. Any cracks in the previous paint coat will be covered that would let in moisture. Then apply a coat of primer to create a smooth surface for your top paint coat.

Outside Leak Sources

A water leak from an outside bathroom source can cause peeling as well. Find any leaks before you scrape away peeling paint to get the new paint job done.


If you are tired of your paint peeling repeatedly, contact GT Painters to get the paint job done perfectly to last ages. We are the best Commercial, Industrial & Residential Painters in Sydney. Call us at 1300 813 001

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An Industrial Painter who puts their Heart and Soul into their work

GT Painters is a Painting Contractor who puts Passion and Experience to work for you

GT Painters is a Sydney-based Industrial Painter with a difference: a PASSION for its Clients and its Work. With over a decade’s experience painting commercial buildings, industrial warehouses, retail outlets, business premises and residential buildings – the one thing we never take for granted? Clients.
Flexible and approachable, we take the time that’s necessary to understand your requirements before we respond to them.
No two clients are the same, and with more than 20 years’ experience as a Painting Contractor in Sydney, we know this better than most do. We ‘listen’, we understand – only then, respond.

What you can’t go wrong with – 20 years of experience, as a painting contractor in Sydney

When you’ve completed 20 years or more in any field, it’s safe to assume that you know it pretty well.
We’ve been painting for as long as Leonardo Da Vinci has been. Ok, we’re stretching things a bit there, but the truth is, we’ve been painting commercial and business establishments ever since we could hold paint rollers in our hands.

AT GT Painters, we know fully well how important a painting contract can be to your companyIndustrial Painter

The cost can involve tens of thousands of dollars depending on how large the surface area you wish to paint is.

If a paint job isn’t done properly, the office manager or project manager who’s handled it from the client’s end can easily get the flick. That’s not something we like to see happen. So, we are very careful with the way we work – and quote.

When we give our clients a cost estimate, we ensure we verify it – then stick to it.

Industrial Painting is not for the faint hearted

Or for those who suffer from Vertigo, for that matter. It takes a lot of skill, training, experience and guts – to get onto those scaffoldings and transform an ordinary building into something a bit more special to gaze at.

What we trade in? Excellence

GT Painters a Painting Contractor in Sydney, we’re quite clear –about work – our hearts and souls are in it.
Little wonder then, that we have built up a reputation for excellence that very few of our competitors are able to compete with or match.

Professionalism comes easily to us

At GT Painters, we’ve been painting for so long, service and standards are second nature to us.
We know where to get the best paints, the best prices and also how to get the job done in the quickest possible time.

If you would like us to quote on a paint job for you – please contact us without delay!

We’d be more than happy to share a list of completed projects with you – plus understand your requirements so we can fulfil them. You can reach us at 1300 813 001 or by filling in our form at

How Domestic and Industrial Painters Sydney do much more than apply paint to a wall

Anyone can pick up a paintbrush and apply paint to a wall, there is no guarantee that you will achieve the result you want. For the look of your home or establishment to be of the best quality, a lot more work and expertise is required. Gold Touch Painters Sydney, we not only guarantee that we will meet your expectations – we’ll go above and beyond them! Whether you’re looking for an Industrial painter in Sydney for painting your warehouse or other commercial painting jobs, or Domestic Painter in Sydney to paint your Home, we have the right painters, the right tools and the right experience to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Here are 4 reasons why Domestic and Industrial Painters do more than simply paint walls

1. Domestic Painter in Sydney use the best productsgt industrial painter

For professionals like GT Painters, we use only the most advanced technology and methods for painting your home or establishment because we know that to achieve the perfect look, it requires more than paint-strokes. Through our expertise, technology and quality products we are able to provide a clean finish for either your home or establishment. We also have options for environment-friendly paints, so you can be assured that your family’s health is safeguarded.

2. Industrial Painters in Sydney do a lot of preparation and planning

As the number 1 painters in Sydney, we at GT Painters put in many hours of planning and preparation. This is a key part in how we can ensure the whole job goes smoothly and satisfactorily. For residential painting, our thorough planning process also includes creating colour schemes and décor, creating textures and mouldings and an assessment of your property.

3. We understand the importance of surface prep work

For the perfect final product, a lot of prep work to a surface needs to be done first. At GT Painters, we take our prep work seriously. Prep work includes:

  • Sanding
  • Cleaning: abrasive blasting, chemical cleaning, power washing scarifying etc
  • Repair Work
  • Base Coatings
  • Decorative, Special and Stucco Finishes
  • Hand Painted Designs

4. A great painting job requires experienced professionals with a keen eye for detail

Established in 1995, GT Painters has over 20 years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial painting service. With such a wealth of experience, we can guarantee that we will confidently surpass your expectations, as well as any obstacle that we face. There will be no unnecessary trial and error which will undoubtedly come with DIY painting.
Thinking about painting your residence or business or industrial establishment? Gold Touch Painters are Sydney’s number 1 professional painters and can guarantee you a flawless result for whatever painting needs you to have. Please contact us on 1300 813 001

Get Uncompromising Quality & Absolute Professionalism With Sydney’s Leading Industrial Painter

At GT Painters, we’ve been painting commercial enterprises and homes since 1995.

What that’s given us, besides experience, is an accurate handle on what our customers in both the home and commercial sectors value.

It is transparency, above all.

There’s more to painting than meets the eye

And planning is where the process begins.

If a commercial painter doesn’t sit down with their clients, discuss their needs and plan how they’re going to achieve them, the project can go ‘off-path’ very soon.

We seek to avoid disappointment, so we invest time upfront in the process.
We understand what our clients are looking to achieve and only then recommend the colour palette of solutions we come equipped with.

Colour can do wonders for workersGt industrail Painters

It can literally change the capabilities they bring to the office every day.

As an experienced painter, we can work worth you to achieve business goals you may thought not possible from a humble Commercial or Residential Painter.

Anything but a process of mix n match

Painting is fun only when you’re an experienced hand at it. What precedes the painting process is a lot of hard work – sanding down the walls, putting primers on them – and getting colour schemes right.

If any of these steps are missed, the job you get may be less than optimum.

It pays to use a professional – always

Professionals know what they’re doing – simply because they’ve been doing it over and over again for years.

It is always tempting to go cheap when it comes to choosing a painter, but the shortcuts they take to deliver a result may make it not worth it!

A good painter will guarantee satisfaction

They will take pride on their work, the way we do. Unless, we take pride in our work, it will be less than satisfactory and may even have ‘poor workmanship’ embedded within it.

We use only high-grade paints that are lead free and environmentally friendly. The last thing we want to create in your workplace is a toxic environment, so we ensure we use paints that have low to no toxicity in them.

When you breathe easy, so can we!

Quality is affordability

At GT Painters, we benchmark our rates to ensure we are affordable and on par with our competitors. We seek to beat them on quality and be competitive on price.

If you would like to learn more about our work or have a portfolio of commercial enterprises or homes we’ve painted over the last 12 months, please call us on 1300 813 001

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Office Needs A Fresh Coat of Paint

Whether you’re an established business or a new business looking to grow, giving your office a new coat of paint can make a world of difference to the look and feel of the space. A fresh coat of paint can make the office look brighter, more inviting and reflect well on your business. Just as a poorly maintained office space can reflect neglect, a lack of drive to succeed and mediocrity, a well-maintained space will project a positive vibe and show the business in a good light.

Top 3 Reasons to Give Your Office A Fresh Coat of Paint

painter in Sydney

1. Helps You Make A Good First Impression

There’s no substitute for a good first impression. Your office is the place where you meet with potential clients, as well as hold interviews to hire new talent. A drab office space can have an immediate, negative impression in the minds of clients/prospective employees. And that is not good for business. Your office space needs to look bright, lively and like a place where things get done and milestones achieved. And one sure-fire way to do that is by giving the space a new coat of paint.

2. Boosts Productivity

The psychological impact of colours is well documented. There have been numerous studies done that have concluded that, when used correctly, colours can help improve productivity in the workplace. Apart from that, a paint job can also help boost morale, as employees will feel refreshed and energised when working in an environment where the walls are nice and neat.

3. Helps Keep the Space from Looking Outdated

Colour trends come and go. What was considered “hot” and “in” a couple of years ago might now be outdated. When your space looks outdated and likes it hasn’t caught up with changing times, it might give the impression that your business is old-fashioned or resistant to change. And that can be detrimental to business. Updating your paint colours can immediately make your space look trendy and with the times.
Of course, apart from the above-mentioned factors, there’s one more crucial point to consider. If you own the office building, then giving it a fresh coat of paint will increase its value. If you’re looking for a professional Industrial Painter Sydney company that offers quality services, affordable rates and quick results, then please contact GT Painters at 0401 606 826

3 Common Paint Problems – And How to Fix Them

A fresh coat of paint can liven up a space, giving it a new lease of life. Sadly, the opposite is also true. When paint starts to show signs of wear and tear, it can make a space look dreary and unkempt. Here are the 5 most common paint problems that people face when it comes to Residential Painting in Sydney, and how to fix (or avoid them).

Bubbles & Blisters

Bubbles and blisters on a painted wall occur as a result of water getting trapped under the paint. When the water dries, it either leaves behind a hollow space – creating “bubbles” or expands the paint film, leading to blisters. Painting on a hot, damp or unclean surface can lead to this problem.

To avoid this, it’s best to refrain from painting when the weather conditions are not ideal. So, avoid painting under the hot sun or when it’s raining. If blistering or bubbling occurs, the only way to get rid of them is to repaint the affected area, ensuring the surface is perfect this time around.


There’s nothing that home owners dread more than mould or mildew on the walls. These are black or brown patches that affect the painted surface. This is more of a moisture problem than a paint issue. Mould or mildew tend to grow in areas that lack sunlight, are not properly ventilated and/or are humid. To get rid of mildew, scrub the area with a strong bleach. Follow it up with rinsing the area with detergent. The best way to prevent mould is to ensure the area is ventilated. Consider installing an exhaust fan to tackle moisture issues. Using a good quality acrylic paint will also help prevent mould.


Peeling occurs due to one main reason: improper surface preparation prior to painting – if the surface underneath the paint is uneven or dirty at the time of painting, it could lead to peeling eventually, as the paint will not properly adhere to the substrate. The only course of action to deal with peeling is to remove the paint in the affected area and properly prep the area to avoid peeling issues in the future.

The best way to avoid paint trouble is to trust only experienced, Professional Painters Sydney like GT Painters for your residential painting needs. For inquiries, contact us today at 0401 606 826.

How to make the paint on your walls look good for a long time?

People often complain about having to invest too much and too frequently in painting the walls of their homes because of how the paint begins to crack up or dull out too soon. GT Painters Sydney though, knows a few tips and tricks that may help you keep your walls looking good for a very long time. Check out our Painting portfolio.

Apply paint correctly

Yes, one of the reasons as to why your paint does not last very long is because of the way it is applied. When painting walls, you need to make sure that the layer you apply is not too thin nor too thick. A layer too thin will be weak and will easily wear out with while a layer that is too thick will begin to sag with time.

Sydney Painters

Moreover, if you begin painting in bright sunlight or when the wind is too strong, the solvents in paint’s mixture will evaporate making the paint harder to be levelled out properly.

Do not paint on damaged or dirty surfaces

Painting on damaged surfaces will leave an uneven and weak layer of paint that will fade very quickly. It is also important that you do not repaint your walls while there is a damaged layer of paint still present below. Scrape your walls free of damaged paint and remove any dust that forms over the walls because of the scraping.

Dirt and sand form a layer over your walls which is very slippery and if you paint your walls without cleaning it first, the layer of paint will ‘slip’ off the dirt eventually. This can be prevented by cleaning the walls up and clearing away any signs of dirt, cobwebs or mildew.


Excessive moisture caused due to leakages and poorly ventilated homes is also one of the major factors that play a part in fading your paint out. The moisture tends to lift the paint as it travels around in your house and makes the paint crack up and sag.

Gold Touch Painters Sydney provides their customers with the best painting services in all of Sydney. For inquiries, contact us today at or give us a call at 0401 606 826.