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Cleaning and Storage of Paint Brushes & Rollers

There is nothing more satisfying than the end result of your DIY perfectly painted job in your home. The perfect and smooth paint job depends on various factors such as the type of paint used primer and obviously the brush or roller. If your paint brush or roller is crusty or old, it will not […]

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How to Prioritise Rooms When Getting a Fresh Paint Job?

Giving your home a new look in the form of a new paint job is a fun thing to do, but it sure comes with handful of difficulties of its own. Although the end result will give your home a new and fresh look, but that doesn’t mean the process of getting a paint job […]

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Solving Exterior Paint Problems

Sometimes you can run into a lot of problems without the right preparation for your exterior paint job due to unexpected weather complications. Study up the weather and climate you live in before you try to paint your home to make your paint project as painless as possible. 1. Peeling Cracking, peeling, discoloration, and premature […]

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How to Decorate Walls with Paint?

One of the most basic and yet the most effective way to decorate your home is with paint. A new life can be breathed into your home environment by putting down a fresh coat of your favourite colour on the walls. But, if you wish to do more than that, check out some of these […]

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Choose Your Paint Wisely

Most people think that the most important step of getting a paint job for your home mainly comprises of the colour scheme. While that is an important part of the process, the type of the paint you use matters a great deal as well. Most homeowners already have an idea of how their home walls […]

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6 Tips For Choosing The Best Interior Paint Colours

You think the biggest mistake the home-owners make is choosing the wrong contractor for their home, but sadly, it’s choosing the wrong colours. Everyone has an idea on how a wall should look like and would love to see the result as per their idea. At GT Painters Sydney, we will help you with some […]

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How to Make Your House Paint Last Longer?

Australia is typically designed to last at least two years. But there are a lot of things home owners can do to prolong the life of their exterior paint. The conditions during which the paint was applied are some of the reasons why paint fails or deteriorates quickly on a home. You may start to […]

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Effect of Colour on Educational environments

Function trumps aesthetics when it comes to colour in the learning environment. The latest colour trend or any other such frivolities have no rule here. The reason to pick a blue over a red or an orange over a purple is the science of colour psychology. A well-executed colour palette can enhance the absorption of […]

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Is Painting The Last Step During A Home Renovation?

Are you planning on a new Painting project? Great! If painted rightly, it can refresh, revitalise and renew any room in your home. You may have some questions about if paint should be applied first or last during your Home Renovation project if you are doing a home makeover or home improvement that involves more […]

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How Often Should You Paint Your Home?

Some factors will help you determine how often you should Paint Your Home. If you have moved into a new house and the colours aren’t to your taste, then you are likely to opt for painting straight away. If your walls are starting to look outdated, you might decide to freshen them up. At Gold […]

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How to Identify Professional Painters in Sydney?

Painting is not only about selecting a colour and moving the brush up and down, but it is an art, an important skill that takes years for one to master and do it well. Professional painters have the patience and the endurance as they have learned over the years to do good and appealing jobs. […]

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Get the Professional Painting for Your Residence in Sydney

A remarkable residence can materialize on a lot of factors, wall paintings is one of them. Selecting the perfect colour or colours for your wall is important. It is because the right colour or colours can speak out our persona, your unique style. Whether your house is old and undergoing renovation or you are the […]

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The Cost Of Using A Professional Painter in Sydney

Even if you love to DIY and think you’re quite handy with a paint brush, the cost of a professional painter can be worth it in Sydney. They will take on the time consuming process and do it in half the time. GT Painters Sydney upholds the highest workmanship to ensure you are happy with […]

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Where To Get Professional Painting Services In Sydney

Painting is not just about dipping a brush in paint and brushing it against the wall. Painting is much more than decorating your house, apartment or business premises with any colour. Painting is an art, an art that brings out more about the building and the owners or people residing in the building. One can […]

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Cost of a Complete Paint overhaul

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For our new home, we checked a few options and zeroed in on GT Painter Sydney. They were quick to assess our need and gave us a pretty reasonable quote. Must say I am quite pleased with the transparent way they went about it and the quality of their work.

Eric Byron

GT Painter Sydney was surely a big help in getting our shop makeover done. The painting standards, we are happy to say, are of a high order and it was reassuring to see a professional touch come together in such an easy, friendly way. Glad to have signed them up.

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Thanks, GT Painter Sydney, for making it easier than we thought to get our premises painted without impacting work or business. Liked their professional approach and attention to detail and deadline. And value for money too. Would prefer to use their services again.

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